Poggio Rubino IGT Montalcino

Rosso of Montalcino

Is a DOC wine, the production is allow in the Montalcino territory with only Sangiovese grapes.


Slope and Position:  hilly from southeast to southwest

Altitude:  from 380 to 470m above sea level

Climate: typically Mediterranean with precipitation concentrated in spring and autumn months.  The location of our vineyards, the ventilation and the lack of fog guarantee the best conditions for vine vegetation and for the health of the grapes

Soil Composition: tuffaceous, particularly rocky soil made up of marl and alberese (clay, lime and rock) shales

Variety:  100% Sangiovese select

Density: 5,000 plants per hectare in the oldest vineyards (12 years old) and 5,500 in the newest vineyards (2006)

Training System and Pruning:  Horizontal cordon training with short pruning, 4 to 5 spurs with maximum of 2 buds per plant.  The yield per hectare is 65 to 70 quintals of grapes (the regulations state a maximum of 90)

Cultivation Techniques:  are entirely done by hand with particular care and attention to the winter pruning, the selection of shoots and the thinning out of the grapes

Harvest:  first ten days of October

Vinification:  the grapes from each vineyard are vinified separately in steel vats.  The fermentation is temperature controlled between 24° and 26° with a long maceration of the grapes, which, with frequent pumping over of the cap and délestage, allow for the extraction of polyphenols from the skins, which has an important function in the longevity and quality of the wine

Drawing off:  soft pressing to separate the skins from the wine

Ageing: 6 to 8 months in 25 to 30hl oak barrels and 4 months in bottle

Organoleptic Characteristics: intense ruby with fruit expression which remains even in aftertaste.  Small red fruits, berry and cherry accompany the spicy hints. The taste has body, ready with round and balanced tannins.  Alcohol content 13.5% to 14%.  Store bottle in horizontal position.

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Rosso of Montalcino


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