Edward and Alessandra love for wine


Edward and Alessandra love for wine

The Poggio Rubino winery is run by two young entrepreneurs, Alessandra Marzocchi and Edward Corsi.

It was Edward’s grandfather, Giovanni Corsi, whose great passion for producing wine drove him to find land in an area with the best characteristics to cultivate Sangiovese at the beginning of the 1950s.  He found it in a piece of land called Campo del Prete, very close to the Abbey of Sant’Antimo.

Edward enlisted the help of his grandfather, Giovanni, and his grandmother, Idolina, a bona fide native to Montalcino who is known for making donzelline, a typical local deep-fried treat, and for being the first to offer private tourist accommodation in town. Together, they learned that a land that is respected and cultivated with knowledge yields excellent fruit, especially in the magnificent countryside that is Montalcino.

In 1997, Edward bought a small parcel of land, a 2ha farm, with the help of his grandmother and, taking advantage of the opportunity that the Consortium of Brunello gave to young producers to cultivate 1.5ha for Brunello and 0.5ha for Rosso di Montalcino, he started to realize his dream of developing his own production in addition to revitalising the old Campo del Prete vineyard.  

Soon after, the union with Alessandra, a wine technician with experience in the Chianti Classico region, allowed for the creation of the company and for an even more valuable estate with the acquisition of 10ha at San Prospero along with the construction of the cellar and the Poggio Rubino winery in 2006.  Two fundamental professional figures were added to this important venture:  the agronomist, Massimo Achilli, and the oenologist, Fabio Signorini, who have played a central role in optimizing the management of the grapes and their transformation by working side by side with Edward and Alessandra and by helping them to lay out the path to endeavour.

It all started from a tradition, from a passion, from a dream that has been transformed into a true and real project.  A lot of investments, resources and energy have been infused into this adventure that Edward and Alessandra have embarked on.  The dream has been made real and has proven itself to be an important entrepreneurial project.

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