Where we get Brunello grapes

Our Vineyards in Montalcino

Where we get Brunello grapes

Campo del Prete vineyard

is in the area above the Abbey of Sant’Antimo at 380m above sea level with a surface area of 1.2ha of entirely Sangiovese select with a density of 5,500 rootings per hectare on marly terrain. The southeast location affords exposure to the sun all day until sunset.  This most advantageous microclimate and the complete absence of fog create highly favourable conditions for a product of excellent quality even in the most challenging growing years.  The presence of the typical Mediterranean bush, surrounding the entire vineyard, gives the wine a unique bouquet that characterizes the productions which distinguish the Campo del Prete Selection of our Brunello di Montalcino.

Il Colombaio vineyard

is in the area just below Montalcino at 430m above sea level mid-way down the hill at a gentle slope and in a well-ventilated location.  It has a surface area of 0.5ha and the cultivated variety is entirely Sangiovese select with a density of 5,000 rootings per hectare on a terrain which is very rich in rock fragments (marl) ensuring good drainage. For the most part, it is limestone with a good percentage of silt, which determines rich vegetation.  The location favours sunshine all day until nightfall.

Il Bogatto vineyard

is completely surrounded by heather as well as oak, cork and arbutus trees, typical of the Mediterranean scrubland.  The southwest location, at 350m above sea level, allows for a basically dry climate, which contributes to the overall health of the grapes until the harvest.  These particular conditions are evident in terms of quality, but most of all, they bring out the elegant fragrance typical of the wine from this vineyard.  The plant density is 5,000 rootings per hectare on the rich, marly and particularly rocky terrain.  The entire 1.5ha is cultivated with Sangiovese select.  The Reserve Brunello di Montalcino is produced from this vineyard during the best harvests.

Pietrafocaia vineyard

is located at 430m above sea level on the southwest side of Montalcino at the beginning of the road from Tavernelle to Camigliano.   The density is 5,000 rootings per hectare on this pebbly soil that contains a good amount of tufa with a slightly greater clay component.  Thanks to this characteristic, the land retains the water better and therefore ensures ideal conditions for keeping the vines hydrated during the heat of the summer months.  The 1.9ha surface area is completely cultivated with Sangiovese select.

The San Prospero vineyard

surrounds the 1.8ha Poggio Rubino property.  The vines were planted in the spring of 2006 with the SG5 clone of Sangiovese, a medium-to-weak vigour; a small and loose-packed bunch (less compact, less contact between the grapes and more ventilation) with a medium-small grape and contained production.  The distinctiveness of this clone and the special climate of this area, with its constant wind during all seasons, block the onset of fungal disease during the entire cycle of the vine’s growth.  The low yields favour an early uniform maturation.  The vineyards face southwest at 470m above sea level.  The rich pebbly soil has a good percentage of clay making it ideal in terms of fertility.  The plant density is 5,500 rootings per hectare, and the entire1.5ha are planted with new Sangiovese clones and the entire 0.3 ha are planted with autochthonal ciliegiolo that we use for our IGT.

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