L'Arte del Brunello - by Alessandra Marzocchi, Since 2010


L'Arte del Brunello is called POGGIO RUBINO and it was born in 2010. 


Conveying wine as a work of art, and art as a means to convey wine.

Alessandra's artistic vein brought life to “The Art of Brunello” line using exclusively designed labels that have been completely and individually painted and created by Alessandra's hand.  As a work of art, every bottle is different from all the others showing distinct craftsmanship.

The label is covered with special meaning, and the product of the land is connected to its bottle, a union that is made possible through the packaging of absolute appeal.  It features an original hand-made covering by Alessandra who unites tradition, artistic journeys from the past, modernity and innovation in each studied stroke.  The innovation that characterizes the “Art of Brunello” line is the image that transforms the Poggio Rubino Brunello di Montalcino into a unique and prestigious collector’s piece that exalts the high quality of our wine.

The labels from the Art of Brunello line are made with techniques and materials that are a result of our accurate creative research and are entirely worked and painted by hand with 23 karat gold leaf finishing. They are painted directly on the glass by brush using only selected colours and a fine gold leaf finish applied by hand on all the painted details with a natural glue. The choice of materials requires the use of cold ceramics that are modelled by hand and dried naturally in the sun.

The painting happens in three phases in which time is needed in order for the colour to dry and for the final application of the 23 karat gold used to define the golden details of the label.


The idea of hand-painted bottles with refined labels aims to establish the affinity between the packaging and its contents, between art and wine, making them one entity and rendering the Poggio Rubino Brunello di Montalcino a unique artisan product of great value reflecting the prestigious charm of the winery. 

An ever-stronger bond between the product, the territory and its history. The Art inside and outside the bottle. 


Beware of imitations...L'Arte del Brunello created in Montalcino, was first created by Alessandra and Poggio Rubino   ;)






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