Overview of the Best Brunello Vintages


Brunello di Montalcino is a refined and high-quality wine. Naturally each vintage presents unique characteristics, which satisfy consumers’ tastes in different ways. Here is a list we have compiled of the best vintages of this excellent Tuscan wine.

5 Star Brunello Vintages


Brunello 2010

There has never been a more awaited vintage than 2010, which was awarded 5 stars from the Consortium (the highest ranking available). This is certainly a historic vintage that achieved equilibrium, with raw materials (the grapes) of superior quality, and created wines that can be drunk young or aged. The typical acidity of Sangiovese is accompanied by tannins that tend to be fine and elegant, expressing a dynamic taste and with an excellent persistence.

Brunello 2004

A great year, the first five-star vintage of the new century, and a new beginning. Brunello di Montalcino got a fresh start with the extraordinary 2004 vintage, which signaled the return to the top after seven years of vintages that were not very exciting.

A robust structure, good acidity, high alcohol content from 14 to 14,5%, sweet polyphenols and a good balance given the mature tannins.


Best Brunello Vintages

Brunello 2012

Elegance is the word that best describes the Brunello 2012 vintage.

Brunello 2012 is a wine with a rounder, stronger body and why not? Less wood (as in the past). All to the benefit of expression of great aromas, and tannins that are well balanced, fine and elegant. This is Brunello at its best. Leading to the unanimous opinion regarding the indisputable quality of Brunello 2012, even among journalists.

Brunello 2006

2006 presented a truly fantastic grape harvest, characterized by perfect weather, which allowed the grapes to mature gradually in a well-balanced and complete manner. The result: a Brunello of superior quality with an incredible aging potential.

It was the cooler areas in particular that reaped the benefits of the wonderful weather, producing very elegant wines with incredible potential for evolving but also a readiness-to-drink more captivating than usual.


Brunello 2013

The harvest in late October made it possible to wait for the perfect maturing of the tannins, without the impediment of an excessive concentration of sugars as occurred in recent years with hot weather. People who focus only on the spring rain of 2013 will underestimate the characteristics of Montalcino. In recent years, an incredible effort has been made to select vines with greater photosynthesis capacity and the resulting clonal selections have enabled an effective response to the rest of the season bringing the grapes to maturity despite the delay of the cool and wet spring.

It is more consistent and regular than the also powerful 2011. It is more complex, classic, and traditional and less fussy than 2010. But why does this vintage get only 4 stars instead of 5? Perhaps because 2013 is missing a bit of the strength of vintages like 2006 to which, however, it can be compared and is very similar. Nevertheless, the choice of 4 stars is difficult to understand unless you use the logic that only the richness of the sugars corresponds to a 5 star vintage.

Brunello Excellence

Brunello 1997

It was deemed the vintage of the century, but during the life of this Brunello many people have reevaluated it when compared to other Brunello vintages. However, it remains to say that 1997 will always be one of the cult vintages of Brunello.

It is a wine that has a desire to tell its story, that is striking in its integrity and exudes energy, proudly showing off its vivacious color. The olfactory profiles remain intact and identifiable to this day and the freshness of the fruit can still be perceived, laying in an endless variety of scents. In the mouth it retains exuberance and acidity, the tannins are gentle and silky. It is a declaration, an open request for longevity in which the aromatic complexities and the flavor make all the difference, with very elegant sensations for the finish.


Brunello 2007

This is a collectible Brunello, and makes the list of the best vintages of the past few years.

The year 2007 was truly out-of-the-ordinary, characterized by a rather warm winter, followed by the end of May and beginning of June having abundant rain that was able to re-establish the natural vegetative equilibrium of the vines. The result was a Brunello of fantastic quality, destined for long aging.


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