Enjoy Tuscany with Montalcino Wine Tours


A visit to Montalcino and the surrounding countryside can provide so many wonderful opportunities to discover the true greatness of Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino wines. By doing one of the many Montalcino wine tours in the area you can experience the unique beauty of Montalcino and the special taste of Brunello and other typical products. Whether you decide to go on your own with an itinerary you have created yourself or instead decide to hire a wine expert and professional driver to plan your visits and show you around, you will surely love the rolling hills covered in vineyards, plentiful wineries, and incredible wines.

Montalcino wine tours in Montalcino town


Montalcino is located in one of the best-known valleys in Tuscany, called the Val d’Orcia. This magnificent valley is one of the two most important wine producing regions in Tuscany, the other being the Chianti region. Coming here to visit is the absolute best way to learn about Brunello wines, which you can taste directly at the producer or in the local wine shops that offer an incredible selection.

Discovering Brunello on a Private Wine Tour

It is possible to arrange bespoke private Montalcino wine tours, experiences led by certified English-speaking drivers or guides who will immerse you in their passion for the terroir. Through the use of your senses of sight, smell, and taste you can gain a deeper understanding of Brunello and other Montalcino wines, and even learn how to pair them with food. You can take a journey together, in search of the delicious local products, following a path of taste. You can sample wonderful local foods such as: fragrant rosemary bread, flavorful Tuscan sausage and special charcuterie made from local pork or wild boar. If you travel the full length of the Val d’Orcia from north to south and east to west, you can experience many variations on the same theme. This theme is plentiful vineyards producing top quality Sangiovese grapes, which are then used to create Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino as well as the ancient Moscadello wine.


Dining and Shopping in Montalcino Self-Guided Tour

Montalcino wine tours oak barrels

If you are planning to do your own self guided wine tour, be sure to add the town of Montalcino to your itinerary. If you get hungry or thirsty while walking around enjoying the views, a stop at the Enoteca di Piazza and connected La Taverna di Baietto is highly recommended! The Enoteca di Piazza is a wine shop that offers the perfect place to find a wide selection of labels and production styles that showcase the Sangiovese grape, including some rare bottles of the historic Biondi-Santi Brunello di Montalcino. The Enoteca has specialized for years in organizing private and exclusive tastings and in shipping wine all around the world, which is a very important aspect if you are interested in adding amazing bottles to your own wine collection.

Enoteca di Piazza also has a connected restaurant called La Taverna di Baietto, located just a few steps from the wine shop in the center of Montalcino. Here you can savor simple yet refined traditional Tuscan cuisine dishes as well as delicious international recipes. The restaurant has an elegant interior decorated in the local style as well as a charming outside area with very comfortable chairs and tables directly on Via Matteotti, the main street of Montalcino.


Whether you choose to have guided Montalcino wine tours or plan your own itinerary, you will certainly have many wonderful opportunities to deepen your knowledge of this historic and beautiful red wine region in Tuscany.


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