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Events and Traditions in Montalcino, the Splendid Setting of Montalcino Wine Tours


Montalcino wine tours take place within the splendid setting of the Montalcino hills and the surrounding area, and feature the culinary delights of this fertile land. A visit to Montalcino is a must, not only because of the incredible wine but also to see and enjoy the local festivals and events.

In February, the Consortium of Brunello di Montalcino Wine organizes the event Benvenuto Brunello. During the same month, Montalcino hosts another event, Brunello Crossing, a series of trail running competitions including a 42-kilometer run along the panoramic trails of Montalcino and past rows of the prestigious Brunello vineyards. On April 25th, there is the March of Senese Independence, between Siena and the Ruga neighborhood of Montalcino - the last stronghold of the Senese Republic that fell in 1559. The day includes a race and a religious procession.

Montalcino Wine Tours


Spring and Summer, Among the Fabulous Montalcino Vineyards


In spring and summer there are even more events happening in the Val d’Orcia, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Montalcino vineyards. From March to November, in the Loggiato square, you can find the Val d’Orcia street market with organic and local products on display. On May 7th and 8th the festival for Santa Maria del Soccorso is held in honor of the patron saint of the city. The Ruga, Borghetto, Pianello and Travaglio neighborhoods donate large votive candles, and there is a country fair, a concert by the Philharmonic Society Giacomo Puccini, a tombola game, and a fireworks display from the terrace of the fortress castle. In July and August, Montalcino along with Pienza, Radicofani, San Quirico d’Orcia and Castiglione d’Orcia, put on the Festival della Val d'Orcia compete with theatrical and dance performances and music concerts. In July, there is also the International Festival of Chamber Music hosted at the Astrusi Theater. Yet another event happening in July is Jazz & Wine with incredible live performances in the 14th-Century fortress and the possibility to taste prestigious Montalcino wines.

Montalcino Wine Tours - Events and traditions

The second Sunday in August is the day for the Hunting Tournament celebrating the opening of hunting season, during which the neighborhoods of Montalcino challenge each other in an archery competition, reminiscent of medieval times. A similar event occurs the second Sunday of October at the Sagra del Tordo festival. In September, there is also a honey exhibition and market that runs for an entire week. In this month you can also rediscover ancient flavors during Orciatavola, which features dinners hosted in various locations around the town each evening at 8pm.


Autumn Events and Christmas in Montalcino


The first weekend in October is the Sagra del Galletto, a historical reenactment of the celebrations in honor of the medieval nobility of Montalcino. One of the performances, done in medieval costume, is the Tiro della Druzzola: a competition that uses the druzzola, an olivewood disk of around 12 centimeters, by winding a length of thin cord around the outer edges and launching it into the air. From December 8th until January there are a series of events for Christmas in Montalcino, during which the town is transformed into a place full of joyful celebration, Christmas lights, and decorations for the Holy Nativity.

Montalcino Wine Tours - Christmas in Montalcino



Above all else, the production of Montalcino’s famous Brunello wine and its extra virgin olive oil is what drives the economy in this corner of the province of Siena, alongside various types of tourism including nature, enogastronomic, historic, artistic and cultural.

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