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Experiential Tourism – Wine Tours in Montalcino, Italy


The current way we conceive of travel and food have certainly helped the success of wine tours, which in the last few years have become the activity around which entire trips are planned. Today trips are usually shorter than they would have been in the past and people are taking them all throughout the year. The aim of travel, instead of being rest and recuperation of energy, is now focused on the discovery of new places through specific travel experiences that will remain in the travelers’ hearts and minds.


Experiencing the Local: Experiential Travel and Wine Tourism


Typical products present an opportunity to learn about and promote a specific geographical region and to favor its development. In our contemporary landscape, a tourist doesn’t just want to taste the product, but also desires to visit the place where the product was made to better understand the product’s history and its real origins. From this perspective, wine and winery tours offer an unparalleled experience.

A wine tour is a form of enotourism, also known as wine tourism - a thematic tourism in which wine and its production play a central role. The wine tourist is a person that in order to understand the unique characteristics of the wine in question, analyzes in depth the region by exploring the tastes and aromas and the traditions and customs of the production area.

Wine Tours in Montalcino Italy

An interesting element of wine tasting and wine tourism is the presence of a hospitality team, which is now a standard practice. The team is indispensable for a winery that wants to develop this sector without simply improvising. On average, the most organized wineries in Montalcino have between two and four full-time employees on their hospitality team, with additional guides coming in during the peak tourist season. What are the skills required? Above all else, good knowledge of at least three languages: Italian, English and French, and there are also those who push for Japanese as well. Another requirement is a high level of knowledge about the local area, history and art. And finally, it is preferable that staff be certified sommeliers. We can therefore affirm that a new winery job has been created, motivated by wine tourism and the continuing growth of wine tastings and winery tours.


Wine Tasting and Wine Tours in Montalcino, Italy


Wine Tasting and Wine Tours in Montalcino Italy

The rise of the wine tour is considered an important turning point that permitted wine lovers to get into the wine cellar. The tours facilitate a direct one-on-one relationship with the producer, and transform the passing of knowledge about a complex product, wine in this case, into a personal and authentic experience. The wine tours in Montalcino, Italy are a personal experience of exploration and discovery that go beyond just tasting.

The quintessential activity of wine tourism is most certainly the wine tour, during which the tasting of wines often is preceded by a visit to the wine cellar - the location where the winemaking process takes place to create the final product that will eventually be tasted (post-harvest, aging of the grapes, bottling). Equally important is a visit to and exploration of the vineyards themselves and the tasting of other typical products from the area. So let’s discover what characterizes the wine tours at Poggio Rubino.


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