Exploring the best wineries in Montalcino


Montalcino is a small area but one with incredible differences with respect to terrain and exposure. It is a land that was born millions of years ago and the various areas underwent differing evolutionary development creating many unique zones. The main zones are the north zone and the south zone. Poggio Rubino is located in the area south of Montalcino, which is the zone best suited to the Sangiovese grape because it has the best characteristics in terms of soil, climate, and exposure which supply all the necessary elements to create excellent wines in a single terroir.

In the southern zone, the sun exposure is able to bring the grapes to maturity while maintaining their acidity because of the moderate difference in temperature between day and night. This aspect is fundamental to the advanced methods of production of Brunello di Montalcino.

The importance of the land should not be underestimated because the drainage and composition of the soil is another fundamental aspect of terroir. The southern zone is very affected by the influence of the sea and the close proximity to Monte Amiata, an inactive volcano, which means that the composition of the soil, and therefore the vineyards, has a high mineral content. Consequently, this zone has everything needed to create an excellent microclimate that is ideal for the best expression of Sangiovese.


Introducing Poggio Rubino, One of the Best Wineries in Montalcino


Each vineyard on the Poggio Rubino property has its own unique characteristics because the vineyards have different locations and are not all in the same area next to the winery. Each individual vineyard has a different terroir, although all are located in the southern zone and all produce wonderful grapes that can be used, based on their particular qualities, to create special selections or Riserva wines of very high quality.

best wineries in Montalcino

Once in the wine cellar, the grapes are vinified separately to maintain intact the characteristics of each single vineyard using a traditional method with a modern twist. The modern approach relates specifically to the use of special machinery that ensure that the grape bunches and wine are stressed as little as possible, the use of nitrogen during the winemaking and during racking, and the assistance from chemical analysis to control the implementation of the production process. However, at Poggio Rubino we faithfully follow only the traditional method of aging for our Brunello di Montalcino wine, which means the exclusive use of large barrels. By choice, we do not utilize barriques that we prefer to leave to other types of grape varieties given that their use doesn’t enhance the characteristics of Sangiovese. The Sangiovese grape variety is indeed very stubborn, but if grown in the optimal environment it can shine bright becoming a Brunello of the highest quality such as that of Poggio Rubino.

At Poggio Rubino we are artists: we paint with the brush and through the art of winemaking, creating bottles that are true works of art. We are the first cantina in Montalcino that coined the term “Art of Brunello” and that created hand-painted bottles. These unique pieces of art contain the excellent Poggio Rubino Brunello, and are true masterpieces inside and out.


Beyond the Best Wineries in Montalcino: Local Restaurants


There are many restaurants and eateries in the historic city center of Montalcino and they all offer a large selection of wines, especially Brunello. Enoteca di Piazza wine shop with connected restaurant-bar has the largest selection of wines and exceptional service, offering tastings of wine and local food. It is located on the main street of the town just a few steps from the main square and close to the Fortress. The connected restaurant Taverna di Baietto is small and charming. It is located in the city center of Montalcino and has a seating capacity of 35 inside (with air-conditioning and decorated in a typical Tuscan fashion) and 16 outside on the main street. This restaurant offers an extensive wine list, but the thing that makes it unique is the possibility to choose between 100 wines by the glass, including all the Poggio Rubino wines, not available anywhere else in town.

wine shop in Montalcino

In addition, the kitchen is open every day with continuous hours because anytime is a great time to sit and enjoy a delicious plate of food with a glass of wine. The menu offers, beyond a wide variety of locally produced cured meats and cheeses, a nice selection of first courses, such as handmade pici pasta, and typical Tuscan main dishes.


Wine Tasting and Tours at Poggio Rubino


To taste Brunello di Montalcino in its home environment in the region where it is produced is an experience you shouldn’t miss during a visit to Tuscany. Here at Poggio Rubino we are obsessive in our attention to the hospitality side of our business. We are one of the few wineries in Montalcino that offers a truly excellent level of service during our wine tastings set against the marvelous backdrop of our winery and vineyards.


Poggio Rubino wine tasting

The Poggio Rubino winery and cellar opens its doors to wine lovers who cherish the possibility to meet the owners, to get to know a small winery dedicated to satisfying its clients with its food and wine, and to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Through our wine tours we invite you to take a journey to experience the beauty of Tuscany and to discover why we are so passionate about what we do. You will taste a selection of our wines: from the current vintages to a barrel tasting, from pairings with Tuscan cheeses to a vertical tasting of historic vintages.

Our new ideas are born from the love we have for our land, combining tradition and innovation in the constant search to create an excellent product. This is how we want to work, to guarantee every single day both quality and uniqueness in a Brunello that satisfies the desire for Tuscan authenticity.

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