Wine tours are part of the more general category of wine tourism or enotourism, a thematic tourism with wine and its production as its main focus. The wine tourist is a person who, to understand as profoundly as possible the specific characteristics of the wine he/she is tasting, studies the area of origin by exploring the tastes and scents as well as the traditions and customs. The rise in popularity and availability of wine tours has been a true turning point for wine lovers who are now able to get into the cellar and have direct contact with the producers. The strengthening of the relationship between wine lovers and wine producers creates a personal and authentic experience that allows the wine tourist to get to know the many intricacies of wine. A wine tour is an experience of discovery and exploration that goes well beyond just tasting.


Brunello di Montalcino wine and enotourism


Local products offer the perfect opportunity to get to know and appreciate a geographical region and to promote its development, especially in our contemporary scene. Tourists no longer want to simply taste the local products but also to visit the place where the product was created to be able to fully understand and discover the product’s history and authentic origins. The current trends for travel and food have lead to the success of wine tours, and in the past few years wine touring has become a true way of vacationing. Today, trips are usually shorter than in the past and occur at any time during the year. The aim of a vacation is no longer rest and recuperation of energy but the discovery of new places through special experiences that are meant to live on in the memory and heart of the traveler. In this sense, wine and winery tours are the perfect example of a one-of-a-kind experience travelers are looking for.

montalcino wine tours

The quintessential activity of wine tourism is surely the wine tour: a visit to the cellar followed by a tasting of the wines produced on-site. The cellar is the location where all the production processes take place in order to obtain the final product that will then be tasted. These processes include post-harvest, aging of the grapes, and bottling, among others. Of course, of equal importance, are the visit and exploration of the vineyards themselves and the tasting of other local products from the area.


Montalcino wine tours are unique experiences that immerse you in the marvelous countryside that surrounds the town and give you the possibility to touch with your own hands and taste for yourself the unique flavors of the one-of-a-kind Brunello di Montalcino.

Poggio Rubino winery decided to dedicate all of its energy into specializing in hospitality in order to allow the final customer to live an unparalleled experience. This experience is created with exceptional, perfectly paired food and wine that together bring out all the flavors of the region and ensures that your wine tour at Poggio Rubino is the highlight of your vacation.


Brunello di Montalcino wine tasting at Poggio Rubino


Our Montalcino Wine Tours

Keeping up with the times, and in line with the development of this tourism phenomenon happening around the world, Poggio Rubino offers different wine tourism experiences. Montalcino wine tours and winery tours include a guided walk to discover the landscape surrounding Poggio Rubino and to enjoy and savor the authenticity of our wines Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino. You can choose between our wine tours and tastings or book a lunch created from local products paired with our special selection of Poggio Rubino wines. At a meal you might find: Pinci pasta made by “grandmother” Roberta, the owner; bruschetta and crostini prepared with vegetables and tomatoes from our biodynamic garden here at Poggio Rubino; and sweets prepared from scratch with our own or local farms’ Tuscan ingredients.


All these dishes go perfectly with the high quality of our Brunello Poggio Rubino.

Brunello is an excellent wine to serve with red meat. Given the soft complexity of Brunello Poggio Rubino, our wine is also excellent paired with pasta with meat sauce, a dish that is perfect with a wine that offers a very intense aroma and soft elegance. Our Brunello also complements complex dishes like wild game or international dishes with structured meat sauces. Brunello is also perfect paired with cheeses such as the cheeses we serve during a wine tasting at Poggio Rubino: semi-aged Pecorino and fresh goat cheese. Brunello can be a wonderful companion for a casual conversation and really at any time you want to taste the joy of relaxation.


An interesting element related to the rise of wine tourism and wine tasting is the presence, now well established, of a hospitality team. It has become a real necessity for wineries that would like to offer wine tours without simply improvising. On average, the more structured wineries of Montalcino have between two and four full-time hospitality staff members who are then assisted by additional staff during moments of greater influx in peak season. What are the necessary skills? First of all, it is necessary for all staff to know at least three languages: Italian, English and French and some prefer to also have Japanese. It is also necessary for staff to be knowledgeable about the geography, history and art of the region. Finally, it is preferable that all staff members are certified sommeliers. Indeed a new winery job type has been created because of the needs of wine tourism and the steadily increasing demand for Montalcino wine tours and wine tastings in the region.

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