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The Magnificent Setting of Montalcino Wine Tours and Tastings


Visit Montalcino and Enjoy the Flawless Beauty of the Val d’Orcia


Montalcino is the perfect example of a medieval town of extraordinary beauty, which has remained intact since the 16th century sitting on top of a hill in the Val d’Orcia. With a few more than 5000 inhabitants, this fortified settlement set among the rolling hills is about 560 meters above sea level. The countryside is composed of a patchwork of vineyards, olive orchards, mixed forests made up of oak and isolated cypress trees, and winding country roads from which you can enjoy the beauty of this land. The town itself has wide streets with large squares and fantastic overlooks from where you can enjoy the beautiful views to the valley below.

Montalcino Wine Tours - Visit Montalcino

There are so many good reasons to visit Montalcino. It is an enchanting location full of history that has preserved its ancient charm. In every season of the year there is always something wonderful to do in Montalcino: take a walk in nature, visit a museum, taste typical products directly from the producers, or simply sit and enjoy the tranquility of a local bar or coffee shop. Montalcino is a great base to use to explore the rest of the incredible province of Siena.


Brunello di Montalcino and Montalcino Wine Tours


Located within the unique landscape of the Val d’Orcia Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Montalcino is noteworthy not only for its historic and cultural importance but also for its production of high-quality goods. In particular, among the excellent products coming from the Montalcino area, are its wines. Vineyards have been cultivated here for centuries and are of high quality because of the geological formation of the land and the favorable weather conditions, guaranteeing a wine production that is among the most renowned and esteemed in the world.

Montalcino Wine Tours - Brunello di Montalcino

The fine wines of Montalcino DOC and DOCG designations are as follows: Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino (that is usually consumed while “young”), Moscadello (produced from white Moscato grapes and ideal as an after-dinner drink) and Sant’Antimo (that has several different types of wine both red and white). Let’s not forget about extra virgin olive oil: the varieties that can be found here in Montalcino are Moraiolo, Olivastro and Pendolino. The Montalcino wine tours offered at Poggio Rubino are an excellent way to discover Montalcino and its extraordinary beauty.

Montalcino Wine Tasting, Discovering Tuscan Products and Dishes


The wines of Montalcino and its quality olive oil are ideal to accompany the tasty products and typical, traditional dishes that you will find at a Montalcino wine tasting. Among the fabulous appetizers: homemade bread crostini with spreads such as creamed liver and spleen, or mushrooms; fresh or dried sausages made from pork, wild boar or Cinta Senese (a typical pig from the area); finocchiata (a type of Tuscan charcuterie made from coarsely ground pork and lots of fennel seed).

Montalcino Wine Tours - Crostini toscani

As for first courses, you will find the classics such as: pinci (or pici) with meat sauce, a sort of large hand-rolled spaghetti noodle with a meat ragù; pappardelle pasta with wild hare sauce; mushroom, bean and onion soup; the queen of Tuscan soup called ribollita created from day-old bread, tomatoes, cannellini beans and kale.

Montalcino Wine Tours - Pici al rag├╣

As a main dish you might try: wild boar stew, with a white and red wine reduction and lots of tomatoes; roasted chicken; tripe with saffron; scaloppine with mushrooms; mixed fried meats; different game dishes sometimes served on a skewer like in medieval times. Let’s not forget about cheeses, especially the wonderful Pecorino cheese to taste along with honey and a glass of Poggio Rubino Brunello - as always ideal for the flavorful and intense dishes of the local cuisine. For sweets, you might be presented a typical castagnaccio with chestnut flour, pine nuts, and raisins or Cantucci cookies with almonds.

A classic rule for every successful pairing is to match big with big and simple with simple, creating pairings that are harmonious in structure and persistence. So it is natural, especially for Brunello, to be paired with complex dishes or with a simple ingredient that has a very “big” flavor. Here are some examples of excellent pairings for Brunello di Montalcino in terms of harmony:

- Wild game, with rich sauces. Examples: wild boar or venison with blueberry preserve, white or summer truffles; turkey stuffed with prunes; guinea-fowl with sage; wild hare with juniper berries that have an almost balsamic aroma.

- A princely Chianina rib-eye steak.

- Sauces rich with spices and aromatic herbs that remind us of rich wine aromas.

- Sweets and desserts: chocolate filled with fruit or liqueur.

- Cheeses: aged Parmigiano Reggiano, medium and aged Pecorino.


Brunello di Montalcino Wine Tasting at Poggio Rubino


The most popular tours in Montalcino are without a doubt those that take participants on a journey to discover Brunello di Montalcino wine and to learn how one the most famous and esteemed wines in the world is created. There are not very many wine cellars in Montalcino that are able to provide impeccable hospitality.

Poggio Rubino was one of the first small, boutique, family-run wineries to offer tours and tastings, and has continued to invest in this important area to ensure a wonderful visitor experience. Other wineries of Montalcino have instead put their efforts toward creating a strong relationship with their distributors and importers, often slowing or impeding the evolution of direct sales and wine tastings. During the Brunello di Montalcino wine tastings at Poggio Rubino we serve a light lunch with the aim of pairing simple traditional Tuscan dishes with the wines produced directly on the property.

Montalcino Wine Tours - Wine Tasting


Montalcino Wine Tours - Wine Tasting Poggio Rubino

The light lunch includes: Bruschetta and extra virgin olive oil, from our biodynamic vegetable garden and olive orchard of the estate; Pecorino sheep cheese and goat cheese produced in Montalcino; artisanal charcuterie; i pici o pinci handmade pasta made following the traditional methods of Montalcino and Siena. Each course is paired with a wine, for example the cheeses are ideally paired with our sparkling rosè and the charcuterie with our Rosso di Montalcino. The pasta is paired with our unforgettable Brunello di Montalcino or Brunello di Montalcino Selezione.

Poggio Rubino shares with visitors the delicious products from Tuscany, and Montalcino in particular, and welcomes everyone who is interested in discovering not only where to buy Brunello di Montalcino but also in learning about the events and traditions around Montalcino.

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