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Montalcino is a mecca for wine lovers and wine professionals of all levels. Every year they flock to the region to visit the many wineries and wine tasting rooms to taste the acclaimed Brunello di Montalcino wine: a true nectar of Bacchus. Perhaps the most important event of the year, which takes place each February, is called Benvenuto Brunello (Welcome Brunello). This event coincides with the wineries all releasing their youngest Brunello vintage onto the market. Because by regulation Brunello must be aged a minimum of five years before being sold to the public, at the beginning of each year the Brunello from the harvest that took place five years prior is finally released. 

wine tasting montalcino brunello


Small boutique or large commercial Brunello wineries

With over 250 wineries scattered around the countryside of Montalcino, there are many different types of wineries to choose from. There is everything from very small boutique family-run wineries that produce a very limited quantity of Brunello, to larger and more commercial wineries that produce hundreds of thousands of bottles to satisfy the ever-increasing global demand for this very popular wine. Most of the wineries open their doors to the public and allow wine lovers to visit their historic cellars. During a visit, wine lovers get a glimpse of the production process and of course, most importantly, can taste the prized wines. 


wine tasting montalcino


Fully enjoying the Montalcino tasting experience

Visiting the wine area around Montalcino is something we highly recommend, but if you are serious about really learning about Brunello you are going to want to visit more than one winery or wine shop. It can be a little daunting to drive around the dozens of unpaved country roads that take you to the various wineries that are often hidden away and difficult to find. To avoid this hassle, and fully enjoy your wine tasting experience, many people choose to hire a professional driver to chauffeur them around to the various wineries they would like to visit. There are many local agencies operating in the Montalcino area which are highly specialized in wine touring and are set up to accommodate groups of various sizes and interests.

Another option is to spend a day staying in the town of Montalcino and enjoy a relaxing stroll through the medieval streets while visiting the local wine tasting rooms. In the town center you will have the possibility to find thousands of Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino bottles for either tasting or for sale (or both!) from all the wonderful producers, so you can sample them at your leisure and decide which you like best.

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