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Wine Tours in Montalcino, Italy at the Poggio Rubino Winery


Wine tours in Montalcino, Italy are part of the growing trend of experiential tourism. They offer you the possibility to immerse yourself in the marvelous countryside surrounding the town of Montalcino and to taste the unique, one-of-a-kind Brunello di Montalcino wine.


Poggio Rubino and Its Wine Tours in Montalcino, Italy


Poggio Rubino decided to focus its energy on specializing in hospitality. Our aim is for our clients to live a unique experience that is rich with excellent food and wine that has been perfectly paired, showcasing the amazing flavors of the region and making the wine tour at Poggio Rubino the highlight of our client’s vacation. Always keeping up with the times, and in line with the rise of the wine tourism movement, Poggio Rubino proposes several different wine tourism experiences.

Our guided wine tastings and winery tours take you on a journey of discovery of Poggio Rubino and the surrounding natural landscape into which it is harmoniously blended and allow you to taste our authentic wines: Brunello di Montalcino and Rosso di Montalcino. You can choose from various wine tours and tastings, or reserve your space for our lunch made of typical products from the area paired with a special selection of our Poggio Rubino wines. Our lunches feature: Handmade Pinci pasta made by the owner ‘Nona’ Roberta; bruschetta and crostini prepared with tomatoes and other vegetables from Poggio Rubino’s biodynamic garden; homemade sweets made with Tuscan and farm-grown ingredients. All of our dishes are of the highest quality and can be perfectly paired with Poggio Rubino Brunello.

Wine Tours in Montalcino Italy


Dishes Paired with Brunello di Montalcino During the Tasting Lunch at Poggio Rubino


Wine Tasting and Wine Tours in Montalcino Italy

Brunello is an excellent wine to pair with red meat, but Brunello Poggio Rubino, given its smooth complexity, is also excellent paired with pasta with meat ragout – a dish that is well suited to a wine with intense bouquet and elegant smoothness. Brunello manages to enhance complex dishes such as wild game. It is also wonderful paired with cheese, which is why it works perfectly with the cheeses that are served during a wine tasting at Poggio Rubino like semi-aged Pecorino and fresh goat cheese. You can also pair Brunello with dishes from international cuisines from around the world that feature meat or that have structured sauces. Brunello is a great companion to a carefree conversation or to accompany you in moments when you want to taste the pleasure of relaxation. 

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