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We are pleased to introduce you our range of Tuscany’s little-known gems. A daily ritual that nourishes your body and soul...


Stay tuned for more products ... Check our website for more specialties according to the season!

If you would like to buy our products, please contact us to obtain full details, we will be delighted to send you the order list of our Tuscan selection and answer any queries you may have.


It all started in Montalcino, an enchanting medieval hill town, an historic town in the Val d’Orcia.

It all began here in Tuscany.


I still recall all those genuine flavours di when I was a child.

The recipes grandma handed down to my mum who then had extraordinary perseverance to keep them carefully and, over time, update them, experimenting with new quantities and ingredients but always respecting a sacrosanct and non-negotiable rule: we only use the natural produce of our land and work – the healthiest, the finest and the most representative.


We decided to restrict our choice to the real essence of Tuscany: stories we know, families we work with and for whom having integrated conventional, organic and biodynamic crop or breeding farms is not a question of following fashion but, instead, is the manifestation of a genuine philosophy.

Our selection is based on a desire to shed light on a bygone way of life, both artisan and natural, that forms the real bedrock of Tuscany but which in many ways has remained hidden and distant even from a simple national or international shipment. Let us delight your palate safe in the knowledge that these flavours have the very same authenticity we remember, that have characterised your experience in Tuscany.


The great care taken caring for and developing the resources of our land, combined with the deeply-rooted philosophy of seeking wine-growing excellence, led to our company to embrace a reality involving a wider area. A reality not solely restricted to grapes and olives, but encompassing everything expertly grown in this Tuscan land for generations, as it has been passed down to us in Montalcino.

We set out to sell items based on knowledge and research concerning the quality of the finest produce our land has to offer: wheat, tomatoes, honey and beans, driven by the goal of capturing the specific features of each foodstuff and the need to focus on the organic, biodynamic and sustainable nature of our daily nutrition.

And so we have opened a window on this world, convinced that you will appreciate the philosophy that has underpinned our business throughout all these years, we invite you to discover it together with us…


Food produce and wellness products can be invoiced through our sales company, Tours in Wonderland.





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