The other special flavor of Montalcino...The extra virgin olive oil


Tuscany’s Treasured Olive Oils


Tuscan olive oil and Tuscan bread (saltless) have always formed the staff of life in Tuscany and continue to this day to be major and essential components of the Tuscan diet. All the different stages of production of our olive oils, from harvesting and milling to the manufacturer’s packaging , are mandatory to take place within Tuscany as established by the Disciplinary measures of Production, a set of rules laid down by the associates in order to protect the quality and the traceability of the product.

The arrival of autumn brings with it many things, including the harvesting of olives destined for the mills for the production of oil.

The 2021/2022 oil campaign has now come to an end and due to the spring frost first and the drought afterwards, production has undergone reductions between 50 and 100%. Climate change - which manifests itself more and more often with extreme events, causing environmental devastation and loss of biodiversity, has very serious repercussions on crops.

As with any fruit, olives also have good years and less good years and, after a record 2020, the fear was that the weather conditions and the temperature of the beginning of the year would significantly worsen the harvest. In addition to the quality of the olives, there is also a higher quantity than in recent years which, in spite of the pandemic affecting the world, places 2020/2021 among the historical vintages in all respects.

That's why we have an extraordinary 2020/2021 vintage at your disposal, the Olivastra Selection and the harvest from our Poggio La Croce olive groves which is bottled in tins to maintain its freshness and its unique and unmistakable flavors typical of our products.


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