Extra Virgin Olive Oil deluxe - Olivastra Selection

A special gift of taste

Poggio Rubino is known for harvesting the finest wines, but also for its extra virgin olive oil that is the expression of our territory and it’s the right complement for our wines.

80.00 €

Extra Virgin Olive Oil deluxe - Olivastra Selection

A special gift of taste


The harvest takes place by hand from beginning until the mid of November so as to preserve the integrity, freshness and organoleptic properties of the fruit. To prevent oxidation and obtain oil of the highest quality, newly picked olives are transferred to the mill (olive press) in the next 24 hours after being harvested. At the mill, the olives are first cold pressed and then stored at low temperatures.

Organoleptic Characteristics: This oil express all the complexity and sensivity of a great monocultivar “selection”. The selection is obtained from the Olivastra olive trees we have in Località La Croce, toward Castelnuovo dell’Abate, Montalcino.

* Color: the oil comes to the view of golden yellow with green reflections

* Smell: the smell presents an intense green fruity and mild hints of green olive enhanced by complex plant notes including leaf, grass, artichoke, green tomato and apple

* Flavor: to taste the bitter and spicy appear decisive but pleasant and balanced; vegetable notes in closure make the oil of high fragrance and quality. Great harmony between nose and mouth

Great with raw vegetables, perfect condiment over meat and pasta and obviously over the toasted bruschetta.

The Extra virgin Olive Oil deluxe enriched with a luxurious cristal bottle and a very elegant box. 500 Ml

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