Brunello di Montalcino Campo del Prete 2015 0,75 Lt

A link with the tradition...

This wine shows impressive precision of vivid fruit, fine tannins and freshness in acidity despite its ripeness and richness which make it some of the most exciting in years, that will age beautifully for decades ahead making it historical in every sense of the word.

95.00 €

Brunello di Montalcino Campo del Prete 2015 0,75 Lt

A link with the tradition...

“Hidden behind scented foliage, encircled by chestnut trees and vineyards, the nice village of Montalcino reigns for its unquestionable duty over the rich Sienese land. Several pages of history will be told by every single stone, on every single page…a glory becoming legend..."


These verses, taken from Montalcino’s anthem, are reported on the label of the Campo del Prete Brunello di Montalcino first release, by explicit will of (its) winemaker, Edward Corsi.
It is produced in memory of grandfather Giovanni, who has dedicated his time growing the Campo del Prete vineyard, and definitely reveals a unique character.
The winery’s history  started in Montalcino over fifty years ago when Edward’s grandfather, Giovanni Corsi, bought a plot called Campo del Prete on Poggio d’Arna hills (a much suitable area, where even Etruscan people had settled many years before)where to plant and grow Sangiovese Grosso, a tough variety but with great potential.
The passion for wine was born thanks to the work of grandpa Giovanni, who throughout his life struggled to exploit the land that are today home to this vineyard.



From Forbes Magazine


"The new creation of Alessandra and Edward Corsi, arrives to enrich a new and significant chapter of their vision of the Brunello 2015. Minimalist philosophy in the vineyard and 3 years of ageing in oak, reveals a wine that is subtle on the nose, full of aromatic herbs with thyme in the foreground, maraschino cherries follows. Crispy mouthfeel, ample and silky with excellent persistence".


Technical Specifications:

Slope and Position: hilly southwest

Altitude: 374m above sea level

Climate: typically Mediterranean with precipitation concentrated in spring and autumn months. The location of our vineyards, the ventilation and the lack of fog guarantee the best conditions for vine vegetation and for the health of the grapes.

Soil Composition: tuffaceous, particularly rocky soil made up of marl and alberese (clay, lime and rock) Shales

Variety: 100% Sangiovese select

Density: 5,000 plants per hectare, 22 years old

Training System and Pruning: Horizontal cordon training with short pruning, 4 to 5 spurs with maximum of 2 buds per plant which allows for a low yield per hectare, 50 to 60 quintals of grapes.

Cultivation Techniques: are entirely done by hand with particular care and attention to the winter pruning, the selection of shoots and the thinning out of the grapes

Harvest: third week of October

Vinification: the grapes are vinified separately in steel vats. The fermentation is temperature controlled between 24° and 26° with a long maceration of the grapes, which, with frequent pumping over of the cap and délestage, allow for the extraction of polyphenols from the skins which has an important function in the longevity and quality of the wine.

Drawing of: soft pressing to separate the skins from the wine

Ageing: three years (36 months) in 25 to 32 hl oak barrels and at least one year in the bottle.

Organoleptic Characteristics: It welcomes you with a bright ruby red, garnet-tending nail, and a rich and complex olfactory set: purple on all, then ripe fruit, spices (black pepper and cloves), liquorice. In the mouth it is stobadous but alive, with an elegant tannic texture and a very well balanced structure.

The fresh and rainy spring gave the vines the right vegetative boost and brought a good water reserve to the soils. This is a key condition given the scarcity of rains and the heat that characterized the months of June and July. The vineyards, in fact, thanks to the turf that has avoided excessive heating and protected them from evapotraspiration, have not suffered stress and the maturation does not have the typical effects of hot vintages. The grapes have come full ripe. Subsequently, the excellent thermal excursions that characterized the month of September contributed to slow and complete fenolic polylon maturation. The aromatic ripening also benefited from the fresh days of the weeks before harvesting. Still, all these features make the 2015 vintage a vintage to remember for its great quality. The harvesting grapes were healthy and intact with small clusters and spreaders. The sugar content and acidity are also excellent.



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