Traditional Gran Riserva Balsamic 100Ml


Our Sangiovese and local grapes and the skill and patience of a Modena’s historical Artisan.

130.00 €

Traditional Gran Riserva Balsamic 100Ml




Raw materials: 100% cooked musts of Sangiovese.

Production process: after the grapes are crushed and before fermentation begins, the must is cooked in open vats, at atmospheric pressure, to a concentration of from 30 to 50%. After lengthy decantation, the cooked must naturally starts both to ferment and to undergo acetic bioxidation by yeasts and acetobacteria. This is followed by the maturing stage, of vital importance for the formation of the unique fragrances of this Vinegar.

Finally comes the ageing stage, during which the vinegar’s characteristics reach true perfection. The three stages take place in a series of barrels of different woods, generally oak, chesnut, mulberry, cherry and Juniper, and decreasing size, vary from 75/100 liters to 10/15 liters in capacity. Each type of wood gives the vinegar a specific characteristics: tannic-rich chestnut darkens its colour, mulberry concentrates it more quickly, juniper gives a resinous tang and cherry sweetens its flavor, while oak, the finest wood for mature vinegar, will give it a distinctive vanilla fragrance.

The difference in capacity between the barrels is calculated to allow the annual transfer process to take place. The level of each barrel is topped up before it in the series, to compensate for the finished vinegar taken for use and the annual evaporation loss.

Characteristics: bright, dark brown colour. Free-flowing yet dense. Penetrating, lingering aromatic bouquet, with noticeable attractive acidic undertones. Well-balanced sweet-and-sour flavor, with definite notes of vinegar, lively, velvety, intense and lingering.

Use: wonderfully versatile. The old conviction that Traditional Balsamic Vinegar had therapeutic proprieties has now been confirmed by its high content of mineral salts and sugars, which make it an excellent diet supplement. It has outstanding fortifying proprieties, and mixed with water, it also a very good thirst-quencher and its aid the digestion. It really triumph on the table and in fine cuisine. With a few exceptions, the main rule is to use it uncooked, adding it to dishes at the last moment in order to savoir it to the full, without wasting any of its wealth of fragrances and tastes.

It is best known for enhancing the aroma and flavor of the dishes in which it is used, so diners are offered unique experiences – which can be repeated, thanks to Traditional Balsamic Vinegar. A fine alternative as non alcoholic digestive. It is at its best with Parmesan cheese and strawberries. Delicious as a salad dressing with extra-virgin olive oil. Wonderful on roast and boiled meat. It enhances the aroma and flavor of any dish.

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