We are a family crew, a small and dynamic team that loves what they do


Poggio Rubino is ruled by Edward Corsi, his wife Alessandra Marzocchi , and Alessandra’s mother Roberta Salvadori.

Being a producer of Brunello is not a random decision. Succeeding in playing a leading role in such a premium landscape really means attesting to a way of being and living.  Alessandra and Edward have accepted this life-long role, to live on and from this land, enhancing the value of their quality of life and lifestyle.

Edward grew up spending his life at the vineyard with the grandpa Giovanni, and at an early age realized his passion for wine. Over the years his devotion to wine has developed into a most discerning palate, which has been vital to the evolution of the family business.

Alessandra graduated at the University of Florence as agronomist. When she's not seeing to the day-to-day operations of the winery, in the office or doing tours, you can find Alessandra running her two kids, Veronica and Ascanio around Poggio Rubino. Her huge passion for design and photography brought her to designed the labels of Poggio Rubino giving vent to her artistic vein.

Alessandra at work

Roberta manages the tasting room and the kitchen, and she share her love of

the property with winery guests. Her fondest memories date back to harvests as a little girl in the ancient Chianti Classico family farm. Roberta was also owned with the husband Germano Marzocchi the charming and historical Hotel Continental in the beautiful main street of Siena, Via Banchi di Sopra for a several years and she worked as a tour guide in her hometown, Siena and she is extremely knowledgeable about Siena’s history. Roberta is always interested in meeting people and exchange ideas and her passion for cooking! She makes hand made pasta and cakes every morning for our guests.

Nonna Roberta makes 'pinci' pasta


Veronica and Ascanio Corsi








“All that we have created over the years has represented an improvement in the business, a refinement of knowledge and a growing experience, professional and human. Everything means I will never back down for a new challenge.”




“Wine has always had a special place in my home and in my heart...The wine reflects who you are, your work and your dedication
inside and outside the bottle.”




"The most beautiful thing for me is when in the evening I feel tired but I still have a huge enthusiasm to start all over (again). I truly love this unique environment and what I am doing and I’m happy to teach this to my grandchildren Veronica and Ascanio, the playful side of the family!"

Wine educator Anna Manduca:

Anna has been with us since March 2014 where she started as a wine educator. Anna's experience was with some of

the most important wineries in Montalcino. She graduated from Siena University and she is knowledgeable and

extremely passionate about Poggio Rubino wines.

Oenologist Fabio Signorini:
Fabio has an experience consolidated by 28 years of harvests at wineries in Italy and abroad.  Reinforced by his technical experience and practice, we have made our wines respecting the traditions with modern oenological methods.  He has worked with us since the first harvest, and together we have created our profile of wine respecting the characteristics of Sangiovese.

Agronomist Massimo Achilli: 
Massimo graduated in Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie and is a qualified taster for regional olive oil panels. He has spent the last 20 years protecting and nourishing olive trees and vines. He has been projecting, creating and consulting for over a decade for Italy’s great red wines; Montalcino, Chianti Classico, Chianti Rufina, Umbria and Bolgheri.  


Wine is more than our business. We live every day among the vines and barrels, always focused on quality, with care and love.
Our stewardship of our land and our wines, our dedication to this craft and our family, result in wines that perfectly express the love and the respect we have for our precious land: Montalcino and Tuscany.

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